Now we are really preparing for the Csipet Team movie

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For many years, Disney has been developing a full-length feature film of the Csipet Team, which would be both animated and live. It’s such an old plan for Disney that it was invented when it was possible to mow the cinema at the cinema by dipping the Hippie dwarfs, the Alvin and the squirrels and the Garfield with similar implementations.

At Disney, the idea was there, but it never came to realization, a director was assigned to the project in 2014, and nothing could ever be heard about it.

Five years have passed, and now again the Csipet team’s movie is on the news.

It has been announced that the project will be taken over by Akiva Schaffer, which predicts that the film will probably not be built from the usual panels. Schaffer is a former director of Saturday Night Live, but he was directed by the Pop Star: Never stop (never stand down) a completely idiotic comedy about the pop industry, as well as the Kertváros commando, and one of the strangest sketches of the recent times. netflixes I Think You Should Leave some parts of Tim Robinson, but also worked on LEGO film music.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Disney wants to break the tradition of such films, and the Chip Team is not a kind of history of history, or a large-scale investigation of a special form of rodents, but some sort of meta-self-extravagant, chubby creation. It is not said, but it is likely that Disney is not going to ride the success of the Hupik dwarf movie, but rather its LEGO movie.

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