The US embassy was accused of interfering in internal affairs in Moscow

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On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the US Embassy in Moscow of interfering in internal affairs over a map published by US diplomacy in social media showing the alleged route of opposition protest last Saturday, which was still under preparation with the authorities.

The Russian diplomatic ministry issued a statement saying it had asked US Counselor Tim Richardson for the map, which was released on Twitter by the US Department of State’s consular department, urging people not to attend. The Russian diplomatic ministry interpreted the announcement of a “compiled by the organizers” as an agitation for engaging in unauthorized demonstrations and an attempt to intervene in Russian internal affairs.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zaharova said the protest route had been described to the minute and then the US embassy commented on its consequences. Zaharova also accused German journalists of openly encouraging him to take part in the action.
On Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs classified the report by Deutsche Welle (DW), a German public service radio and television station about mass demonstrations in Moscow, as an attempt to interfere in Russian domestic affairs. Thursday’s announcement by the ministry called the German news channel inadmissible.
The ministry stressed that if the DW reiterates such a call, Moscow will take action in accordance with the country’s existing laws. He added that all this had been communicated to the German Embassy in Moscow.
Since Saturday, July 14, there have been demonstrations in Moscow every week by opposition-nominated anti-piracy organizations who were excluded from the September election of the Metropolitan Assembly. According to official figures, about 1,700 people have been detained in the last two unauthorized movements. Eleven suspects have been prosecuted for mass disorder, dozens of protesters have been sentenced to administrative detention and hundreds of fines have been imposed.
There will be another demonstration in Moscow on Saturday, this time in agreement with the authorities.

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