Due to a technical fault, there was some traffic at London Gatwick Airport for some time

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Due to a traffic management system failure, traffic on Gatwick Airport in London was stopped for a while on Wednesday night.

The second busiest British airport to the south of London first reported that the short circuit lasted at least 21 o’clock in the British time, until 22:00 Central European time, but the traffic could not restart soon after half past eight local time.
However, the delays are still significant due to the crosstalk effects.
The Wizz Air airline is scheduled for Wednesday evening flight between Budapest and Gatwick, scheduled to arrive at London Airport at 19:35, British time, according to the Gatwick flight information system at 1 pm.
At the time of the shutdown, more flights were canceled or arrivals were transferred to other airports.
Gatwick Airport continues to advise travelers to check with their airlines for flights.
The information does not cover exactly what kind of malfunction has occurred, only to mention that there was a problem in the airport control tower.
Gatwick Airport had to be closed for one and a half days in December, during the peak rush hour before Christmas, after drone flying was detected in the airport.
Due to the closure at that time, more than a thousand flights had to be canceled or redirected to other airports. Redirects and cancellations affected 140,000 passengers.
At Gatwick Airport, the world’s busiest one-way international airport, last year, 45.6 million passengers turned.
Britain’s and Europe’s largest airport is Heathrow, on the western border of London, with nearly 80 million passengers a year.

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