We will show you 24 Android apps that you must delete from your phone immediately

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Alexei Kuprins, a specialist at CSIS, a cyber security firm, noticed the Joker malware, which, embedded in some Andoroid applications, quietly registers a user on various subscription services without first providing information. In most cases, fraud is detected only when the amount of the subscription is deducted from the account of the user concerned. The virus can even handle the registration code received via SMS and post it on the website, so service providers are not suspicious of their activity, writes Lifehacker.

Google is aware that the affected applications have already been removed from the Play Store, but Kuprins warns that applications that have already been downloaded will remain infected and that 472,000 of the affected applications have been downloaded before being noticed. Interestingly, the applications involved include anti-virus, anti-aging, VPN and many more.

Advocate Wallpaper
Age Face
Altar Message
Antivirus Security – Security Scan
Beach Camera
Board picture editing
Certain Wallpaper
Climate SMS
Collate Face Scanner
Cute Camera
Dazzle Wallpaper
Declare Message
Display Camera
Great VPN
Humor Camera
Ignite Clean
Leaf Face Scanner
Mini Camera
Print Plant scan
Rapid Face Scanner
Reward Clean
Ruddy SMS
Soby Camera
Spark Wallpaper
If you have downloaded one of these, delete it from your device as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to check your Google Play account for subscriptions and make sure to check your account statement as well. It is worth going back to June, when the Joker started to spread. The virus is capable of spreading through the contact list, so if you are affected, it is worthwhile to call your friends to check their releases.

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