Forty years later it turned out that the Ukrainian musician was not suicidal

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Forty years after his death, he was able to prove that he was probably killed in 1979 by Volodymyr Ivashuk’s Ukrainian composer and poet, and his death was set aside, according to a new study, writes MTI.

We wrote hundreds of songs, the best known is the Cervona Ruta (Red Rose Rose), which was chosen as the best song of the Soviet Union in 1971. In this recording, she is seen in a suit at the microphone.

Ivasi died at the age of 30 and was found hung in May 1979 in a forest near Lviv, in a military area. The investigation then concluded that the “psychologically injured” composer committed suicide. However, for years, the news was that the composer was actually made by the former Soviet secret service, the KGB. In the case of the death of the musician, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office once again started the investigation at the beginning of 2009, but closed it in November 2012 in the absence of a crime. The file was reopened in June 2014, and in February 2015, Roman Fedik Lviv County Prosecutor publicly declared that the composer had been killed by KGB staff.

Olekadr Ruvin, director of the Kyiv Forensic Science Research Institute, told Ukrinform’s Ukrainian news agency that, at the request of the Lviv County Prosecutor’s Office, suicide was reconstructed on the basis of available records. They concluded that Ivasi was not suicidal.

The staff of the Kiev Institute reconstructed Ivasz’s death: they were looking for a similar tree in the same neighborhood, at the time of his death, and asked for a similar statistics to climb onto this tree, and then tie a knot that fixed the rope to the tree branch. He couldn’t do that, he couldn’t tie a knot at the 170-centimeter branch that was found in 1979, but not even with a ladder or any other tool that wasn’t found there at that time.

They did not find any traces on their clothes, which would have suggested climbing the tree.

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