He won’t host this year’s Emmy Gala

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For the second time in history, he has not hosted the biggest film award, the Oscar gala, the biggest TV show, and the Emmy organizers have set an example and decided that they will not have a ceremony master this year, writes CNN.

The news was broadcast by Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier at a press conference in Los Angeles. He added that the producers were already thinking about who could lead this year’s show, but they realized that the precious moments that such a show item would take could also be sacrificed to the popular, large-scale television shows that they are now understanding or worth end. At the same time assured everyone that there will be opening numbers and other fun shows.

The Oscar, by the way, has changed, with slightly more people interested in the gala this year than in previous years. Certainly Jimmy Kimmel, the ceremony master of the 2017 and 2018 events, said this was not because he was not hosted by the Oscar, but because the show was shorter.

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