Facebook doesn’t listen to us, but our digital avatar

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A few months ago, you could read the Index about the popularity of the conspiracy theory that Facebook intercepts us and throws advertisements based on what has been said, in fact, the company has nothing to do with it because they know everything about us.

The former employee of Google has now thrown up new evidence against eavesdropping, because at a Los Angeles conference, on the basis of his experience, he refuted the item, he also said that the digital avatar made from our collected data is so lifelike that we can predict all our conversations perfectly. – ABC writes.

Google’s and Facebook’s servers have a small doll that is your avatar-like version. There’s no need to listen to me because I’m in possession of all the clicks and clues that you have ever brought up, so your brandy will be more like you

Tristan Harris said, adding that it is only necessary to simulate the conversations of the digital profile stored on the server and to know what people are talking about without actually hearing it.

Harris went on to go anyway: as it turned out, Google searched for ethical influence on the thoughts of two billion people through the psychology of applications – for example, things like dopamine being released in humans because of an instinct of Instagram or when you get anxious about Gmail notifications.

As he said, big tech companies stole their users’ time in various ways already in 2013, the man just got out of business and started the Time Well Spent movement, trying to get that stolen time and attention back.

The collection of Facebook-compliant data was previously written here, and the intercept container was collected in this article. If this interferes with extensive data collection, we’ve previously shown how you can disable Facebook to personalize your ads based on your data; we showed an add-on that stops the data stream you collect; or we’ve shown you how to suspend or permanently delete your Facebook account.

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