German Health Minister: Homosexuality is not a disease, therapies to eliminate it must be banned

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Being warm is not a disease, no treatment is needed, and so-called conversion therapies must be banned – said German Federal Minister of Health on Tuesday in Berlin.

According to Jens Spahn’s briefing, experts from the ministry say that the ban on conversion therapy is medically justifiable and legally possible. That is why the Ministry of Justice is starting to negotiate a bill on the banning of such therapies, preferably this year.
In April, the ministry set up a committee to study the issue. The work was led by a public foundation (Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld – BMH) working for the social acceptance of non-heterosexual self-determined and non-women or men.
The body of 46 scientists and politicians examined the medical, legal, social and religious aspects of the ban.
According to the ministry’s announcement, the committee heard people who had undergone conversion therapy.
Their “suffering histories” also show “very emphatically” that they have to act – they knew.
The Committee has produced two preliminary reports. In one, medical, health-related findings were summarized, pointing out that homosexuality is not a disease and should not be treated.
They also underlined that the change in sexual orientation to external influences is highly unlikely, but the treatments for this are clearly negative.
In the other report, the constitutional aspect of the case was reviewed. Among others, it was emphasized that the prohibition of the use of conversion therapy should also be enshrined in criminal law.
According to a statement from the Ministry of Health, the final summary report of the Committee is expected to be published at the end of August.

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