Will a women’s unity government run Brexit?

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Caroline Lucas, a former leader of the British Green Party and her parliamentary representative since 2010, proposed a women’s unity government on Monday to prevent British membership of the European Union from ending without agreement.

The politician has asked his ten female counterparts to step into a cross-party alliance to prevent uninvolved Brexit, which is not ruled out at all by the Conservative government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stubbornly adhering to the current exit deadline of October 31, writes MTI.

In an article in the left-wing newspaper The Guardian, Caroline Lucas believed that a government full of women would bring a “different kind of vision”. The Green Party politician campaigning for a second referendum on British membership of the European Union said the aim was to enforce a motion of censure against Boris Johnson, and then to create a national unity government composed entirely of women.

There has been no national unity government in the United Kingdom since World War II. However, according to Caroline Lucas, such a cabinet would “push the pause button” and announce a new Brexit referendum in which people could decide whether the country would stay in the EU or accept the government’s plans, even with or without agreement.

“In my experience, women are less tribal-minded, gaining confidence easier and faster,” he told BBC Radio’s Today’s political magazine program on Channel 4.

He added that the unity government he proposed would be run by a female politician from the Labor Party, which is the main force in the parliamentary opposition.

Among the politicians proposed by the Green Party include Emily Thornberry, Labor Party shadow shadow candidate for Foreign Affairs, Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat leader Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Prime Minister, Justine Greening, Conservative, Liz Saville Robert, Plaid Cymru, Welsh Party leader alongside Yvette Cooper, a Labor politician. Caroline Lucas said they responded with varying enthusiasm to the request.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss, who is not on the list, called the idea “sexist” on Twitter. He objected to the way in which genders determine a person’s worldview, behavior or attitude.

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