The British Finance Minister reassures: there will be no hard Brex

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“Very small” is the chance to leave the European Union without agreement with Britain – said Philip Hammond, the British Treasury Chancellor for CNBC.

Since Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that he will resign, the majority of analysts have increased their prospects of breaking Britain out of the EU without agreeing.

Although the British Parliament has voted three times on May Brexit, Hammond does not mean that the UK is breaking out of the EU with hard Brexit.

“Britain is a parliamentary democracy, and a clear majority in Parliament rejects Brexit without an agreement. Parliament will ensure that this does not happen,” said the Treasury Chancellor (ie the Finance Minister) to the US news channel.

He added that “it is not exactly wise” for some politicians to promise that, with the deadline of October 31, they will take the UK out of the Union, as this would not be supported by Parliament.

He also pointed out that the country had shared Brexit because half of the population opposed it, the other half supported the exit, so “both sides will need compromises.”

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