Oscar Awards – Spain names Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film “Pain and Glory”

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The Spanish Film Academy is calling Pedro Almodóvar’s new Oscar-winning double director, “Pain and Glory,” the 92nd Oscar Gala for International Film, the institution announced on Thursday in Madrid.

This year, the 70-year-old world-famous Spanish director thanked for his nomination, which he described as a great honor.
The artist was unable to appear in person at the announcement as he traveled to Canada because his film will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival starting Thursday.
Producer Esther García of Pedro Almodóvar told reporters that Pain and Glory will soon be screened in the United States, allowing him to compete in other categories for the Oscar.
Inspired by the autobiography, filmed last summer, the film tells the story of an aging filmmaker with his greatest success behind him, through flashbacks and goodbyes.
Starring Antonio Banderas, who won the Best Male Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Apart from this, the film features Penélope Cruz Oscar-winning Spanish actress, as well as famous Spanish artists such as Julieta Serrano and Asier Etxeandía.
This is the 21st feature film of Pedro Almodóvar. He previously described it as the last installment of a trilogy, “which took 32 years to complete.” The first part is The Law of Desire and the second part is Wrong Education.
The Spanish director first received an Oscar nomination in 1988 for his Hungarian film Women on the Edge of Nervous Breakdown, in what was then known as the best foreign language film. He first received the golden statue for his 1999 film Everything about My Mother, and two years later received the Best Original Screenplay in Los Angeles for the cinematography.
His last Spanish entry was an Oscar in 2004, and he was rewarded with Alejandro Amenabar’s film, the Inner Sea. Since then, there have been no Spanish works among the five finalists.
From among the nominees, the American Film Academy will select five nominee feature films at the beginning of January that will eventually qualify for the Oscar for Best International Film. The list of nominees will be announced on January 13, 2020, with the award ceremony in Los Angeles on February 9.
Hungary has nominated Barnabás Tóth’s film Who Have Left for the Golden Sculpture Competition.

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