There are five eyes on the Nokia 9, only the brain is small

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It’s hard to believe that the Finns did it again and with a super camera again. The 5-sensor camera system on the back of the Nokia 9 PureView is at least as extreme as the Lumia 1020 at its time (2013, six years!) With a 42 megapixel high-resolution sensor. However, it seemed that concrete, stable foundations needed to make the most of the opportunities.

Elementary instincts
If we look at parts of the phone outside the camera, we cannot have a complainant. The Snapdragon 845 is still one of the best chips, as the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space meet every need. The design is quite a different noodle, the Nokia 9 has become a bit simple, old-fashioned, and I wouldn’t cut it off from the hip that it’s a 2019 top model. At the same time, there is a definite nokia style that distinguishes itself from the rest, and the metal strip around the edges can be seen on other models of the Finnish manufacturer.
Although only the 6-inch display, the self-camera and its associated sensors, as well as the loudspeaker aperture have some space on the fully flat front panel, the sash is not as narrow as the curved display. There is no jack plug, the earbud is plugged into the usb-c socket with an adapter that will give one to the phone. Unfortunately, the speakerphone does not use the speaker of the phone, it is only mono. The Nokia 9 modest 3320 milliamper hours became weak in Akksi, but it can be charged quickly with or without wires – at a maximum of 18 and 10 watts.

We get so much from the high-end lifestyle. The built-in sensor does not hurry up, but we are willing to forgive it because the method is very convenient, so the reader has been optimized for this, because most of the time the display is touched in this area.

Does Google really know better?
Nokia’s revered Android One believer, who has the advantage of choosing any of his phones, gets the same stripped operating system. The company can thus keep its development costs low because it does not have to produce many of its own apps for multiple chips, and we can be sure that we always know ourselves on the phone. We only get Google’s basic software from the Nokia 9 Pureview phone, the rest we need to install.
The system itself is robust thanks to its strong hardware, and even Android can be handled quickly, so the menu structure is transparent. If you don’t like it, you can replace the graphical interface with another one.

working in tandem to have good photos. We might think naive that this means five times better quality, or at least a bit better, but that is really a naive thought.

In reality, it looks like there are five sensors on the phone, three color (RGB) plus two monochromes, and each of them has 12 megapixels of information coming to the central processing unit to make a single image of them. Based on experience, the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 845 system chip is little for this task.


It sucks, because when we take pictures with mobile, we often produce scraps. There are simple reasons for this, not just because the outside conditions are usually not ideal, light conditions: small sensors collect visual information. Of course we swallow this error because we can always keep the phone with us, but not with the normal size cameras. Because of the many bad images, it is important to look back at how one shot was made. Nokia 9 PureView has to wait a long time for the final, sharp, processed image to appear – sometimes more than ten seconds. You can live with it if you usually make your photos in a deliberate way, leave time for the photo shoot, and not just click together.

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