Tourists come to Chernobyl because of the HBO series

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The HBO’s stubborn, stubborn miniseries of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place 33 years ago was an incredible success for critics and audiences, all mentioned as one of the best series of the year. In addition to the huge number of weekly week-ahead TVs to watch the new section, Chernobyl has encouraged many people to get on the road.

While it was still possible to visit the scene of the accident and its proximity, the number of catastrophe tourists has risen sharply, writes Reuters. For example, for one travel agency, the number of summer bookings increased by forty percent since the premiere, but other companies reported similar growth. A trip to an American tourist costs about $ 100, or rounded up to $ 30,000, says the news agency.

For example, the agency Chernobyl Tour offers a tour where you can visit the venues that have appeared in the series, and will be taken to the bunker where 33 years ago they decided not to evacuate the area. Tourists take the bus to Kiev and travel 120 kilometers. After arriving, they will look at the memorials for the victims, the abandoned villages, and then dine in a local restaurant. They are then taken to the sarcophagus raised above the quad-reactor and finally walked to Pripjaty.

Many are questioning the series and what happened here. People are increasingly interested in disaster, more and more curious

one of the tour guide said. He added that during the visit, the body was exposed to as much radiation as a day spent at home.

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