Pauley Perrette claims Mark Harmon beat NCIS on his shooting

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NO! NEVER RETURN! (Do not pray!) I’m terrified of Harmon and hurt him. I have nightmares about this. My new series is SAFE and HAPPY.

This Twitter post ended the end of the 2017 story about whether Perrette, who had formed Abby for 15 seasons in the NCIS series (her full name: Abigail Sciuto), was scared by her staff, actor or producer. behind the door. After the October announcement, Perrette said last May, Twitter told Twitter that the perpetrator had such power that she couldn’t do anything against her. He confirms that he has been repeatedly abused and therefore left, but he has not sold more details.

CBS admitted that the actress had signaled to the studio that she had been repeatedly abused on the shooting and not verbally but physically. The official reaction of the serial manufacturer CBS was that they were very serious about the case, but they probably didn’t find anything. Perrette then wrote in a new Twitter message that CBS has always supported him and has no problem with them.

Some photos were posted on Twitter by Perrette, allegedly injured by a member of NCIS (mococles, seams), which were also caused by Harmon.

Do you think I didn’t count the consequences? Sure. That’s what happened to someone from the crew, and I opened the number so that they didn’t turn again. I protected my staff! Then they got hurt because I told you NO? And I lost my job.

This is a bit confusing, because if we understand it, someone (Harmon?) Abused a member of the crew, and Perrette spoke, beaten him (Harmon?) And kicked him out of a series. Previously, the narrative was that the actress left her. One thing is certain: Harmon and Perrette were not on the screen at the same time in the 14th season of the series.

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