Beijing complained that Washington had taken a position on the Hong Kong extradition bill

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Beijing Tuesday condemned the United States resolution on the Hong Kong extradition bill against which hundreds of thousands protested on Sunday.

Keng Suang, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said they are calling on the United States not to interfere in any way with Hong Kong and China’s domestic affairs.
The spokesman responded that US foreign spokesman Morgan Ortagus said on Monday that the entry into force of the new extradition law would endanger Hong Kong’s special status.
A number of demonstrations have been held in the city against the disputed bill, and Sunday could be the largest, with an estimated number of participants reaching one million.
Many are being challenged by the new extradition law because it would allow Hong Kong to release fugitives, including possibly political refugees, to China, and Beijing could also apply for the extradition of some people. Opponents of the proposal question the fairness and transparency of the Chinese court system.
Carrie Lam, Hong Kong governor, said Monday that the government will be working on further amendments to the proposal, including the protection of human rights.
The city of seven million, with special administrative status, has been autonomous under the “one country, two systems” principle since returning to China from the British colonial rule in 1997. However, many Hong Kong dislikes that Beijing is gradually getting the city under tighter control and is trying to increase its influence.
The Chinese state press, on the other hand, draws attention to foreign influence on Hong Kong. According to the Chinese Daily’s Chinese daily newspaper, “foreign forces” are trying to create chaos in Hong Kong to hurt China. And in the midst of an ever-escalating American-Chinese trade war, this is probably for the United States.

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