Beijing calls for “terrorism”, Chinese press “color revolution” in Hong Kong demonstrations

A tourist (C) gives her luggage to security guards as she tries to enter the departures gate during another demonstration by pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong's international airport on August 13, 2019. - Protesters blocked passengers at departure halls of Hong Kong airport on August 13, a day after a sit-in forced authorities to cancel all flights to and from the major international hub. (Photo by Philip FONG / AFP)

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The Chinese government on Wednesday reiterated the word “terrorism” in connection with the violence in the protests in Hong Kong and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice as soon as the “color revolution” was described in the Chinese press.

Xu Lu-jing, a spokesman for the Chinese government’s office in Hong Kong and Macao, said: At Hong Kong airport on Tuesday, “rebels” harassed and assaulted a passenger and a journalist, both from mainland China. He added: “We condemn such acts of terrorism, and support the Hong Kong police in bringing the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible.”
Xu said in a statement that a group of protesters at a Hong Kong international airport on Fifth Day captured and assaulted a man they believed to be a Chinese agent and a reporter for the Global Communist Party, said to be the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China.
Following the incident, posts on the Chinese Internet controlled by Beijing began to flood Hong Kong demonstrators with “insurgent” and “terrorist” postings. Critics of the months-long wave of protests continue to hold their ground on the popular Weibo microblogging blog, which is referred to as Twitter on China.
Global Times on Wednesday The Color Revolution aims to ruin the future of Hong Kong in an editorial in which the author wrote that while the protests were triggered by a draft amendment to the extradition law, they are now “about the merciless destruction of the city’s rule of law.” He argues that the upheavals currently taking place in Hong Kong are emblematic of the color revolution, with extremist protesters seeking to paralyze the city and undermine the authority of the government and the police, while claiming their claims outside the legal system.
However, the author pointed out that while the purpose of the color revolutions was to change the system worldwide, the overthrow of the government in Hong Kong is pointless, since Hong Kong is not a country, its government needs the authorization of the Chinese central government. He said that countries undergoing a colorful revolution in the last twenty years had to cope with the effects of prolonged turmoil and economic decline, while the revolutionary United States and the West shook off their responsibilities. The author, in line with the Chinese position so far, also criticized Hong Kong’s economic downturn for the continued protests and spoke of the influence of the Western powers, which he said was aimed at undermining the Chinese political system.
While Beijing’s communication has been louder with the week-to-week demonstrations, which have been intensifying week by week, there has been no official confirmation of plans to involve the Chinese army in order to restore order.
US President Donald Trump said in a Twitter message Tuesday that US intelligence has announced that the Chinese government is sending troops to the Hong Kong border.

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