Pompeo: Trump strives to improve Russian-American relations

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US President Donald Trump strives to improve US relations with Russia, said US Foreign Minister Mike Pomeo when his Russian partner Sergei Lavrov welcomed him on Tuesday in Sochi.

“President Trump will do his best to improve relations between our countries,” said the head of US diplomacy.
According to Pompeo, although both countries defend their own interests and their positions do not always ring, “there are many” questions where their interests coincide. As he said, Washington and Moscow must rely on these spheres to improve bilateral relations “for common security”.
According to the US Secretary of State, the interests of the two countries are substantially united in the fight against terrorism, the reduction of arms, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the resolution of regional conflicts. He pointed out that the two countries’ presidents instructed the two foreign ministers to make efforts to achieve bilateral relations “and to stabilize the situation as a whole”.
Prior to the talks, Pompeo wrote on Twitter: “When it is in our national interest, we have a duty to find the way ahead”.
Lavrov expressed his hope that he could work with his guests to develop concrete solutions to “remove the current sad state of affairs”. As he said, the problems between Moscow and Washington, on the one hand, call for immediate action and, on the other hand, the development of long-term, systemic solutions. According to his words, the two sides must “develop a new, more constructive matrix of mutual understanding than hitherto.”
“We are ready to do this. Of course, if our US partners also show interest in this,” he said.
He believed that the revival of bilateral contacts at the level of foreign ministers gave rise to “some hesitation”.
Dmitry Pescov, the Kremlin spokesman, asked journalists not to consider the message to the United States that, at the time of Putin’s Lavrov and Pompeo talks in Sochi, he was looking at new Russian weapons. As he said, the Russian President deals with military issues twice a year, one of which coincided with the visit of the US Secretary of State.

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