Premier League – Clubs are £ 20 million behind transfer record

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Leading English football clubs spent £ 1.41 billion ($ 497 billion) on transfers this summer, just £ 20 million below the 2017 record.

The BBC, citing data from the Deloitte audit firm, reported that PL teams bought football for £ 170 million on Thursday alone, the last day of the transfer season, but that was only 18 players, the lowest figure for the last day of the summer 2009 season. since.
For the sixth year now, the number of summer transfers in the PL has been steadily decreasing: while in 2014, 157 players were certified, in 2019, only 102.
11 of the 20 PL clubs this summer have broken their transfer club records.
The most expensive club this time was Arsenal (£ 155m), followed by Manchester City (150m), Manchester United (145m) and rookie Aston Villa (125m).
The biggest sum came from Harry Maguire’s club change: Manchester United paid £ 80 million to Leicester City. The English national guard was followed by Nicolas Pépé of Ivory Coast and Rodri of Spain on the imaginary podium. Pep cost £ 72 million from Lille to Arsenal, Rodri £ 63 million from Atlético Madrid to Manchester City.
The net cost of PL clubs – the difference between purchases and sales – was £ 625 million, the lowest since 2015. Two Belgian strikers, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, left the English championship to make a significant contribution. Chelsea received £ 90 million from Real Madrid for Hazard and Manchester United £ 73 million from International.

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