Putin rode the Night Wolves in the Crimea

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Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted the Kremlin’s Night Wolves Motor Club on Saturday in Sevastopol on the occasion of the group’s first demonstration in the Crimean peninsula.

Putin arrived at the event to commemorate the anniversary with motorcycle driver Alexander Zaldostanov in the company of “Surgeon” in a black T-shirt and leather jacket on the saddle of an Ural motorbike.
“It is a remarkable tradition of yours that relates to the support of the best that can only be in the heart of the Russian man and our great, heroic history,” the Russian President said in his greeting.
He praised that “such cool guys set an example for young people in our country and show them how to approach Russia,” he added.
In 2014, motorcyclists, positioning themselves as a patriotic and traditionalist group, played a role in the Russian occupation of Crimea. Every year, on the occasion of the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, the club seeks the cemetery of fallen Soviet soldiers, a source of tension between Moscow and the governments of several countries affected by the Night Wolves Route.

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