Putin: Russia is open to cooperation against terrorism and neo-Nazism

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Russia is further developing its defense potential, but it remains open to cooperation with other countries in the fight against terrorism, extremism and neo-Nazism, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Moscow for the 74th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Putin called a “sacred task” to protect the memory of the great Patriotic War – a part of the Second World War that affects the Soviet Union – veterans in circumstances where a number of countries “falsify the events of war, set the example of those who forget honor and humanity. dignity, served the Nazis, lied to their children shamelessly and betrayed their ancestors. The president called the Russian people the main liberator of the peoples of Europe.
In Moscow, 13,000 soldiers and 130 units of modern and modern military equipment took off. Because of the low clouds, they have canceled their air parade, which has been tried twice over Moscow in recent days, just like two years ago. It is planned that 74 planes and helicopters would have flown over the Red Square.
During the day, a military ornament was held in several other Russian cities and in the Hjymmi base in Syria.
On Thursday, it is planned to retreat to about 300,000 settlements in Russia, the so-called Immortal Regiment, that is, descendants of the fallen and veterans. It is expected that one million will be involved in the Moscow round this time. According to Dmitry Peszkov, the Kremlin spokesman, it is likely that Putin will be among them for the third time.
The campaign was extended to 110 countries this year. The offspring, among other things, went on Thursday and last days in Copenhagen, Geneva, Rome, Istanbul, Lisbon, New York, Manchester, Hong Kong and five Israeli cities.
In the evening, fireworks are held in the heroes of Hero City in the war, as well as at the headquarters of the Russian army and fleet. There will be fireworks in 16 locations in Moscow.
The Soviet Union estimated historians lost more than 27 million people in World War II.
The Russian Ministry of Labor said on Wednesday that there are 75,495 veterans in the country. 96.3 thousand of the survivors of the Leningrad blockade, 103.7 thousand of the fascists of fascism, 144 of the former adult prisoners, 240,000 of the widows of the disabled and veterans, and 762.6 thousand of those in the former hinterland. life.

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