Rami Malek didn’t want to play a fundamentalist terrorist in the new James Bond movie

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Rami Malek, Oscar-winning actor at the Bohem Rape Rodeo, said he would only play the evil of the new James Bond film if it had no ideological or religious motives because he didn’t want to make a fundamentalist terrorist.

The 38-year-old Egyptian actor also talked to the film director Cary Fukunaga before saying yes in April. “I told you that we could not identify the character with any kind of ideological or religious-based terrorism. I wouldn’t be entertained by such a way, so if they had chosen that, they wouldn’t count on me,” he recalled in an interview in New York, Daily Mirror and Daily Express. published in a British newspaper.
However, Fukugana reassured him that the main character of the Bond film would not be a fundamentalist terrorist, but his idea was completely different.
Malek also talked about having a great role in the 25th Bond film, which is still unpublished in April 2020, and the screenwriters usually did a great job again, realizing what the audience was expecting from such a cinema, he said. by BBC News.
From the character he created, so much was revealed from the official announcement that a mysterious evil figure armed with dangerous new technology.
He plays the role of Bond again with Daniel Craig, who plays the British Secret Agent 007 for the fifth time.
In May, Craig was injured in shooting and forced to rest for a while due to her ankle operation. However, work continued without him. There have been new bad news about production ever since: In June, when a blasting scene was recorded, a crew member suffered easier injuries. This week, it turned out that the singer Grace Jones, who had previously performed in a Bond movie, has canceled her performance this time because she felt that she was too small.
The film is shot in Gravina di Puglia in southern Italy in August and September. One of the sights of the city is the two-story Roman bridge, which spans a narrow valley.
Agent 007 has traveled through Italy through his previous adventures, turning to Venice, Rome, Siena, Como and Lake Garda, the Cortina D’Ampezzo Mountains and the Sardinian coast, but first traveling to the south of the country.
In the film, alongside Rami Malek and Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux and Ben Whishaw are included.

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