Roland Emmerich’s Disaster Sci-Fi at the Cannes Film Fair

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Roland Emmerich, the German director of the Moonfall disaster, is also presenting his sci-fi at the film festival in Cannes, which is about to open, “ said.

The Day after tomorrow and the 2012 director will make a film about a world threat. In Moonfall, a mysterious, unknown force, drifting off the orbital orbit of the Moon, drift toward the Earth. A final, seemingly impossible mission is to start a space expedition to the Moon to find out what happened and save the Earth from destruction.
The script was written by Emmerich, Harald Kloser, and Spenser Cohen. The director is on the day after tomorrow, 2012, I.e. 10,000, The President worked together with Kloser in films of Endangerment and Independence Day – Resurrection.
The Moonfall scenario was completed in 2012, and was previously implemented by Universal Pictures, and is now looking for a customer in Cannes. The film production with Emmerich Centropolis Entertainment’s production company is expected at the beginning of 2020.
The distribution rights for the production of the preparations in Cannes are offered by AGC Studio and CAA Media Finance.

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