Scalise: Trump has no more responsibility for El Paso than Bernie Sanders for the assassination I have

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President Donald Trump has no greater responsibility for the massacre in El Paso, Texas, than Bernie Sanders for the assassination offense, said Louisiana Republican spokesman Steve Scalise on CBS Television’s Weekly Political Series on Sunday.

He said he was wrong about those who blamed Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the shooting in El Paso, Texas last week, which Saclise likened to the 2017 attack on him. He was the victim at the time and was shot at by a member of Bernie Sanders’ election campaign.
In June 2017, a politician with his Republican colleagues attended a baseball training session that featured an armed man and fired at politicians. Scalale was seriously injured, her life saved only by a quick medical intervention, and then underwent several surgeries. James Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old perpetrator who died in a police blaze, was found to have volunteered for Democratic activist Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign. Even on the day of the assassination, Sanders condemned the “hateful act” of the shooter.
Donald Trump also condemned the massacres in El Paso, then one day later in Dayton, Ohio.
There is no place for such attacks in America and for attacks based on ethnic origin in general, Scalise emphasized, adding that responsibility is a “shaky ground”.
Several Democratic politicians and presidential aspirants have blamed Donald Trump for his rhetoric on the Texas massacre, especially after the 21-year-old perpetrated anti-immigration texts on the Internet before his assassination and told police during his interrogation that he specifically wanted to kill Mexicans .

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