Sports specialties from the world

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Sports and exercise are essential in a person’s life, helping a healthy lifestyle, turning off and having community power. Nowadays it is not impossible in the field of sports, more and more diverse and more and more strange sports appear. Everybody knows the traditional sports, now let’s see the most special ones, if anyone finds them among the ideal ones. Sports betting is even more typical of classical sports, so if you want to try out this form, you can read here a good sports betting strategy nowadays.

We do not say new to Harry Potter fans, because the students of the magic school drove this sport. But, of course, in real life, not on a broom, the players do. The first Quidditch match was organized by Alexander Manshel, an American Harry Potter fan in 2005 – ever since, there are more than three hundred registered teams worldwide.

The Muggle Quidditch is played on the ground, but its rules are similar to the well-known sport of Harry Potter books. The game is played with four balls – a kvaff, two goblins and a chess – by seven-seven players from both teams, all sitting in a broom. The seven players are three drivers, one guard, two guards and one pliers. At the end of the rectangular track, three or three rings are placed, the gates. The goal of the shooters is to throw a kvaffal goal into the circles, and the goal of the guards is to defeat it. It is the task of the guards to try to throw players out of the field with the gavel, weakening the opponent. The purpose of the pliers is to find the chic.

The world’s most dangerous sport is in Afghanistan, it is a national sport, it has been playing for 600 years, and there are cities where every Friday night it goes. There are two teams with varying numbers, depending on how many people are gathered, but with a team of at least 20, up to 50 people. Yeah, and everyone is sitting on horseback. There is a headless goat in the middle of the track, and this should be done as often as possible for both teams in the scoring area, the. to the truth. And for every purpose, every tool is allowed, so it can be dangerous enough for Buzkash.

Chess boxing
You can also call it a chess box. Here you also need your spiritual and physical strength. You can win the player with chess or rash. In England, Russia, India and Germany it is a very popular sport. Chess matches and boxing matches are alternating between players. The two opponents measure their mental and physical strength through 11 rounds. Incidentally, the strange sport is tied to the name of a French artist and film director, who first mentioned it in a comic book.

Urban golf
Urban golf can be run individually and in a team, with the goal of delivering the ball to the target area with the help of the racket. Urban golf was first played by Duncan Thomas in Edinburgh in the 1700s, but it became popular in the States and Europe much later in the 1990s. The essence of sport is that it can be played anywhere, because the obstacles are caused by the randomness of nature or the urban environment. Since 2014, this game has really spread to the home of Heavy Balls UGC Budapest, who represent our country in various international competitions.

The riders have a huge, inflated, transparent plastic ball. The race can start from the top of a smaller hill, or even take place on a flat terrain – the latter is less dangerous. Of course, the winner who reaches the ball sooner reaches the target.

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