Little boy injured from a terrace at Tate Modern Museum in London

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The boy was severely injured after being dropped off from a viewing terrace at the Tate Modern Museum in London, according to information at a court hearing on Tuesday.

Prosecutors told the court at the hearing that the six-year-old victim suffered from severe spinal cord, leg and cartilage bleeding. The French boy was dropped off Sunday afternoon from the 10-story high-rise terrace of the world-famous museum. It fell five floors. According to London police, the child’s condition is critical but stable.
The 17-year-old suspect, who is suspected of attempted murder, has been remanded in custody and is expected to appear in London’s Central Criminal Court on Thursday. He was heard in a juvenile court in London’s Bromley district on Tuesday, but said nothing but his motives remain unknown. Your identity cannot be disclosed under the legal requirements for minors.
Tate Modern is the UK’s most popular tourist attraction, with 5.9 million visitors last year. Opened in 2000 on the banks of the Thames in an old power station building, the lookout terrace was opened in 2016 as part of an expansion.
The French boy was on vacation with his parents in London.

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