Expert: The United States is gradually increasing pressure on Iran

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According to a senior researcher at the Institute for Foreign and Foreign Affairs, the United States is gradually increasing the economic pressure on Iran since US President Donald Trump took office.

Gergely Varga said on Tuesday on the current channel M1, that the Iranian atomic wave signed in 2015 partially lifted sanctions against Iran, but when the United States left the convention last year, it began to increase economic pressure again.
The past one year shows that it is difficult for Iran to gain such economic benefits as the Iranian atomic promised to him. Secondary sanctions do not only affect American companies, but also all countries that want to create a business with both America and Iran. And European and other global companies prefer the US market, so Iran is losing more, he said.
According to him, the most realistic goal for the United States is to push Iran to a more favorable agreement, which includes not only the nuclear issue, but also the carrier, rockets and Iran’s regional policy.
Gergely Varga also pointed out that the US military and naval presence in the region is not new, but the rhetoric that accompanies it is yes. Iran is likely to indirectly send a message to Western countries and the United States that they will be at serious risk to the global economy if the conflict escalates between them, he added.

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