Expert: Progress in the US-Mexico agreement

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As a step forward, a member of staff at the National Center for Public Service Research said the United States and Mexico had agreed to curb migration, and the United States would suspend the introduction of tariffs from Monday.

Gábor Csizmazia, on the current channel M1, recalled that, according to a previous announcement by US President Donald Trump, the duty initially levied on all products originating in Mexico would rise by 5 percentage points each month, up to 25 percent if the Mexican government did not curb migration.
According to the expert, the American President’s move was risky, but he seemed to have worked for the time being. Thus, it will be possible for temporary asylum seekers from Mexico to be temporarily held in Mexico. However, this is not a meaningful solution to the problem, he said.
According to the statistics, a large number of those wishing to emigrate come from three countries, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, Mexico, mainly for economic reasons. But he would have been very sensitive to Mexico if they introduced the duties that were in sight, they wanted to avoid it, ”said Gábor Csizmazia.

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