With the loss of expert areas, the Islamic State will not cease

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According to István Gyarmati, a security policy expert, the loss of his territories will not end the terrorist organization of the Islamic State; On Saturday, the expert on the current channel M1 said the Syrian territories controlled by the Islamic State were recaptured and the main base of the organization destroyed by the Allies, who said they had defeated the organization. He pointed out, however, that a terrorist organization cannot be said to have been defeated, since such an organization is not allowed to operate in a state-like institution. He stressed that the organization was supposedly not trying to reorganize itself, as they probably realized that they would put down a lot of force again and put themselves in new attacks. The expert also pointed out that the recent US air strike in Somalia, in which the 13 suspected militants in the Islamic State died, would not shake the jihadist organization. Islamic terrorism has been present in Somalia for a long time and terrorist attacks often occur, ”added István Gyarmati.

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