From September onwards, the large cruise ships in the historic center of Venice will not be allowed to sail

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Large cruise ships will be banned from the historic center of Venice from September, the Italian government said.

The provision applies to vessels with a displacement of more than 1 000 tonnes, reported BBC News.
The decision comes after an uncharted 275-meter cruise ship collided with an anchored cruise ship in the Giudecca Canal in June, with at least four more easily injured in the accident.
After the collision, thousands of Venetians were protesting against cruise ships entering narrow canals, and the ministry of transport promised a solution.
Vessels over 40,000 tonnes were already banned from Venice in 2014, but one year later, the Italian administrative court declared this provision null and void.
According to Italian economic daily IlSole24Ore, more than five hundred large ships with 1.5 million tourists arrived in Venice last year. This generated more than € 280 million in revenue for the city.

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