International minute and SMS fees in the EU will fall from Wednesday

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The maximum per minute charge for phone calls between Member States is 19 euro cents and maximum 6 euro cents for SMS.
The agreement between the member states of the European Union will be valid from Wednesday to a maximum of about HUF 62 per minute, and SMS will cost up to $ 19.

According to the new Eurobarometer survey, 42 percent of Europeans have contacted someone in another EU country last month. In spite of this, 26 percent of the participants launched only phone calls or sent SMS within the union.

The new rules on international calls abolish the large price differences between Member States so far. The average cost of landline or mobile calls within the EU has been on average more than three times so far and SMS has more than twice as much as domestic charges.

With the abolition of roaming charges, the EU is thus trying to support the fluidity of communication between Member States. So Europeans can be confident that their phone bills will not surprise them when they are calling abroad or abroad.

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