Island – Ed Sheeran’s opening concert is already full

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In fact, Wednesday’s opening day of this year’s 27th Island Festival, when Ed Sheeran will be the main performer, is already considered a full house. Organizers said the last day of August 13, when Foo Fighters and Twenty One Pilots will take to the stage, is also likely to be a full house.

There will be performers from sixty-two countries this year, and there will be about a thousand programs at the festival.
Concerts on the main stage include National, Macklemore, Franz Ferdinand, Richard Ashcroft, Martin Garrix, Florence + The Machine and Johnny Marr. Frank Turner, Razorlight, CHVRCHES, Xavier Rudd, James Blake, Richie Hawtin, Broken Social Scene and Metrik are performing at the second largest venue, the A38 tent. Petőfi Rádió – Telekom VOLT Stage offers not only domestic top performers but also foreign performers.
“The four performers of the last day of the 13th, including Twenty One Pilots and Foo Fighters, will reach our full stage budget for 2016. This year’s nine headliner performers will surpass their peak so far,” said Tamás Kádár, Sziget is the main organizer of MTI at Monday’s press briefing. According to rumors, high-rises can cost millions of dollars.
Tamás Kádár also told reporters that for the first time this year, not only music performers will enter the Sziget grand stage. “In the spirit of the Love Revolution campaign, UN Goodwill Ambassador Jane Goodall, world-famous chimpanzee researcher, poet Emi Mahmoud, activist, UNHCR goodwill ambassador, or Drak Dollaz, an American dancer, and Dakota and Nadia “he said, adding in a video message that Al Gore, a former US vice president and founder of the Climate Reality Project, is sending his thoughts.
Sziget’s Love Revolution campaign, launched last year, focuses on protecting human rights, combating racism, protecting the green planet, protecting the environment, and anti-war. As part of the campaign, this year’s rich cultural program will include topics such as environmental awareness or the protection of human rights.
Although the festival only starts on Wednesday, there are already about ten thousand people on the island. Tamás Kádár commented on the MTI: Most visitors from Great Britain come from abroad, they will be around 18,000, followed by the Dutch with 14-15,000 “insulators”. They are followed by the French, the Germans and the Italians.
Last year saw a peak in attendance, with more than half a million entertaining at the festival. According to Tamás Kádár, however, there will probably not be another visitor peak this year. “The number of visitors comes from adding the number of entrants on a given day for seven days. The English have now mainly bought three-day and five-day passes, but there has been a slight decline in the sale of seven-day passes this year; is the main organizer for MTI.
Instead of the world music stage so far, World Village is being built with Caravan Tent and Africa Village, with world music on offer. The Hungaricum Village brings the Szanzen exhibition tent to Sziget, and this time the classical, opera and jazz stages are on display, with the Grand Street Theater performing with the Les Commandos Percu percussion team. The Cirque du Island also features French, Ethiopian and Canadian troupes, and the German Tourist Office celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with a virtual space and traditionally has a sports area.
The Civil Island, Tents Without Borders will open this year to address issues of migration, cultural diversity, the Container Studio of the US-based Island Portal project will bring live engagement, tolerance and tolerance to Iraq, Palestinian Gaza, North Africa and many other locations. spirit. Marco Layera directs one of the performances of the Theater and Dance Tale, telling stories of underage Chilean girls who have been the victims of domestic violence, intimidation and exile. The South Korean Elephants Laugh performs live refugees in Hungary.
The re-cup system will continue this year, with plastic plates, cutlery, drinking straws and bags being completely banished, a composting plant being set up on the festival site to be used for the rehabilitation of Óbudai Island, and water conservation being a priority.
“By 2021, we want to permanently ban disposable plastic bottles from the festival,” said the chief organizer.
Daniel Benis, the technical director of Sziget, talked about twenty thousand people serving the festival, including caterers, health workers, security guards and technicians.

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