Taylor Swift is the most earning celebrity on the Forbes list

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Taylor Swift is the most sought-after celeb on the fresh list of Forbes magazine, BBC News said on Thursday.

Forbes’s 29-year-old pop singer estimated its pre-tax earnings for one year between June 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019, at $ 185 million ($ 53 billion). Most recently, Swift led the list of top earning celebrities in 2016, with pre-tax annual revenues of $ 170 million (HUF 49 billion).
Most of Swift’s 2018-2019 revenue came from a stadium tour of Reputation. According to Forbes, this was the biggest ever tour in the United States.
In August, a new album by the singer, Lover, will be released by Republic Records.
One of the 100th celebrity magazines in the business magazine is Kylie Jenner, a community media and reality star, who is celebrating her 22nd birthday in August. The estimated pre-tax annual earnings for this page amounted to $ 170 million (HUF 49 billion). This year, Jenner became the first in the Forbes ranked for $ 1 billion ($ 289 billion) in the wealth of wealth-rich women. Most of the American celeb’s revenue comes from its well-established beauty shop.
The third place in the annual revenue list was Kanye West’s rapper with $ 150 million (HUF 43 billion). The 42-year-old musician’s income from 2018-2019 comes partly from the sports shoes empire. Forbes noted that West had written on Twitter three years ago that he was floating on $ 53 million ($ 15 billion) in debt.
The top ten stars of the year are three soccer players: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, as well as The Eagles rock band and Phil McGraw, ie Dr. Phil.
Ed Sheeran singer, the fifth-largest British celebrity, has the highest earnings of $ 110 million ($ 32 billion) before tax last year.
South Korean BTS band runner-up in the 43rd place, Ariana Grande in 62nd place and Paul Rudd American actor, Ant and Bumblebee and Revenge: Star of the End in 83rd place.

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