Theresa May left, how about?

London, 2019. május 24. Theresa May brit miniszterelnök sajtóértekezletet tart a londoni kormányfõi rezidencia, a Downing Street 10. elõtt 2019. május 24-én. May bejelentette, hogy június 7-én távozik a kormányzó Konzervatív Párt és a kormány élérõl. MTI/AP/Alastair Grant

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According to preliminary announcement, he left Prime Minister of the British Conservative Party, Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday. This also involves the termination of the post of prime minister, but until his successor, that is to say, for at least one and a half months, performs executive and party leadership functions.

Thus, the official announcement of his resignation on Friday afternoon would not entail any immediate constitutional and governmental change, and Theresa May would still have the same decision-making powers as before.

May wrote in a letter to the 1922 Committee of the Non-Governmental Representatives of the Political and Executive Body of the Conservative Faction of the Lower House that they left the Conservative Party. This faction board is in charge of managing the Conservative Party Leadership Process.
Theresa May announced on May 24 that he would leave the party on 7 June.

The primary reason for this was that the London House refused, three times in a row, the 585-page agreement with the European Union, signed in November with the European Union, on the conditions for the termination of the British EU membership (Brexit); Outlines the EU’s future relations.

Theresa May – twice before announcing his departure – twice initiated the extension of the original March 29 deadline for exiting. The current Brexit deadline is October 31, based on the EU decision in April. The 1922 Commission confirmed Friday’s announcement that Theresa May had resigned to the Board. At the same time, the statement emphasizes that May, as managing director, remains the leader of the Conservative Party until the election of his successor.

The committee, which was named after the former founding members of the 1922 parliamentary elections in the Lower House of London, called on Members who wish to apply for the post of party leader to announce their intention to depart on Monday at 17:00 British time.

The official list of successor candidates will be published the same day after the deadline.

Mayt, who was a Minister of Interior for six years, was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party and thus the head of government after the referendum on British EU membership in 2016. \ t His predecessor, David Cameron, who campaigned for retention prior to the referendum, resigned after a tight 51.89 percent victory for supporters, returned his parliamentary mandate, and left the British politics.

For the time being, Theresa May has not indicated whether or not she will leave the parliament or take up a seat at the back of the lower house of the Conservative Party, after her actual departure in July.

On the basis of the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct, candidates for management positions should receive support from eight members of the House of Commons. In the first phase of the election process, the faction reduces the number of candidates to two by a series of votes.

The first ballot will be held next Thursday, the next one will be held on June 18, 19 and 20.

Out of the last two candidates remaining in the competition – if none of them return to the other – 160,000 registered members of the Conservative Party can elect Theresa May’s successor, who will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

According to the plans of the 1922 Commission, the elected offspring will take over the post of party leader on July 22, and may then inform the government of its intention to form a government. Queen Elizabeth.

For the time being, the offspring of offspring candidates are currently 11 people, but the number of staff may be expanding until Monday. The betting offices in London were former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, the frontman of the hard-line tory Brexit camp, the most successful offspring.

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