Boris Johnson would set up new prisons with ten thousand seats

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It would set up new prisons, with a total of about ten thousand seats, and search many more people in the streets for gunfire, the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson writes.

Late attacks in Britain have recently increased, claiming dozens of casualties in recent years. Johnson said “it’s time for action.” In his view, more severe judgment is needed.

Therefore, he would build new prisons that would have a total of at least ten thousand inmates and expand existing prisons. The investment has already been approved by the Treasury. (The first lord of the Treasury is the Prime Minister, by the way.)

And it would aggravate judgment and possible jail names because, in his view, criminals leave prison much sooner than they should. The prime minister will also sit down with justice representatives on Monday to discuss the matter.

It would also expand the areas where the police can, on any suspicion, stop and search people for weapons. By the way, this was extended once in the spring at the suggestion of Interior Minister Sajid Javid, and many more police were deployed on the streets.

I want criminals to be scared, not the general public.

Johnson said of his suggestions.

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