The British pilots of Ryanair announced a multi-day strike in August and September

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A multi-day strike was announced Wednesday in late August and early September by UK pilots of the low-cost airline Ryanair.

The trade union representing them, Balpa, said the first job break would be 48 hours on August 22-23, and the second 60 hours on September 2-4.
According to Balpa, the union’s pilots decided to strike by an 80 percent majority after failing to settle their pension and salary disputes with the Irish airline.
In its July quarterly report, Ryanair reported a significant 21 percent drop in its after-tax profit. In the first quarter ending June, the company’s after-tax profit fell to EUR 243 million, mainly due to higher fuel prices, wage costs and lower ticket prices.
Balpa said they decided to strike because the airline refused to negotiate with the trade unions, not even receiving a formal offer to settle the disputes.

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