Stock Exchange – Big losses on European stock exchanges

Stock market data with downtrend vector. 3d render.

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After a weak start, major European stock markets closed deep on Friday.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump’s announcement that Washington is imposing a 10 percent surcharge on Chinese imports worth about $ 300 billion as of September 1 is causing huge losses on the stock markets. And China did not delay in anticipating countermeasures.
Most Asian markets closed at a loss of one and a half percent on Friday. When the European markets closed, the US stock exchanges also lost one and a half percent.
Exchange rate indices rarely fell on Friday in Europe. The pan-European FTSE EuroFirst 300 and Stoxx Europe 600 indices were down 2.41 and 2.33 percent at the end of the European trading period, while the Euro area EuroStoxx50 index was down 3.02 percent.
In London, according to unofficial closing data, the FTSE-100 index closed at 2.30 percent on Friday, while the Frankfurt DAX index fell by 2.88 percent and the CAC-40 in Paris fell by 3.34 percent. The stock index fell 1.41 percent in Madrid and 2.11 percent in Milan on Friday.
The sectors most exposed to the deepening of trade controversies, the raw materials and automotive industries, suffered the most losses, with the sector indicators weakening by around four percent.
Valeo and Faurecia automotive supplier companies both lost more than seven percent. The Austrian Andritz factory construction company lost nearly seven percent.
In addition to trading concerns, corporate earnings reports moved the prices on Friday. Royal Bank of Scotland’s stock has risen above six per cent thanks to its extraordinary quarterly earnings. The French Credit Agricole’s share weakened by five percent due to a 15 percent decline in its earnings.
After a sharp fall the previous day, oil prices rose upward at the end of the European trading period at $ 62.23 a barrel in global trade, up 2.86 percent, while the WTI rose 2.84 percent to $ 55.48. Brent prices fell seven percent on Thursday, three-year highs, WTI eight-percent, four-year high after announcing US president’s announcement to increase Chinese import tariffs.
The euro is up 0.18 percent at $ 1,1103, while gold is up 1.58 percent per ounce at $ 1,455.05.

Record market capitalization of the 100 largest companies in the world The market capitalization of hundreds of the world’s leading listed companies rose to a record $ 21,000 billion, according to PwC’s Global Top 100 Survey.     In the one-year period from April last year, the market capitalization of one hundred leading companies increased by 5 per cent, slowing down from the 10 per cent growth one year earlier.     Technology and online commerce companies continue to dominate the narrow list, with seven companies in the top ten: US, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook, plus two Chinese, Alibaba and Tencent .     For the fifth year in a row, 54 percent of the 100 largest companies in the US have increased their market capitalization by over 9 percent in one year.     China ranks second in the Global Top 100 despite Asian companies’ market capitalization declining by 4 percent over the past 12 months.     One year ago, Chinese companies increased their market capitalization by 57 percent. Then three new Chinese companies were placed in the Top 100 and two in the Top 10.     According to the latest PwC list, European companies’ market capitalization fell by 5 percent in one year and three companies fell out of the 100 list.      Microsoft tops the latest hundred list, after being third last year, and its market capitalization increased by $ 202 billion to $ 905 billion in one year.     Last year, Apple topped second place, with $ 45 billion in market capitalization and $ 896 billion in market capitalization.     In the top ten, four other companies are American, Amazon, Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway and Facebook.     Chinese companies rank seventh and eighth in the list: Alibaba retained its seventh position, while Tencent slipped from last year’s fifth to eighth.     The top two places in the top ten are American companies again: ninth is Johnson & Johnson and tenth is Exxon Mobil.

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