Trump is negotiating with Putin at the Osaka Summit

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US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday night in a Fox television interview: Vladimir Putin will also negotiate with Russian President at the G20 summit next week in Osaka.

“I want to come with Russia and I think we will come out,” said the US President. He added that he would also like to “get along well with China”, and he thinks it will succeed. He confirmed what he had already announced at the beginning of the week that he was going to negotiate with Osaka Chin, the president of China, in Osaka.
The President once again pointed out that the Democrats would like to “replay” the Mueller report with their hearings on possible collusion between the 2016 campaign team and the Russians and on the impediment to justice. The special committee led by Robert Mueller examined the same and made it clear that there was no collusion and no evidence was found that Donald Trump would have prevented the judiciary from exploring it. “What happened to the Democrats, they’re not working at Congress,” said Trump.
He also stated that the Ministry of Justice is now investigating whether his telephone conversations have been intercepted during the 2016 election campaign. He explained that during his election campaign in 2016 he was used to watch him using secret service tools. He added that William Barr, Minister of Justice, is now working “very hard” to put an end to everything.

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