Trump: If the Chinese president is not there at the G20 summit, Washington will put in protective levies

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If the Chinese president of Xi Chin does not attend the G20 summit in Osaka at the end of June, then Washington will immediately introduce additional tariffs on Chinese goods, said US President Donald Trump in a telephone interview with CNBC on Monday.

The President confirmed in his reply to the journalist’s question that he was planning to impose additional safeguard duties on China.
Donald Trump had previously threatened Beijing to impose $ 300 billion in customs duties on Chinese portals if the US-China trade agreement could not be quickly overcome. Last month, the Trump government raised customs duties of $ 200 million on Chinese imports.
Trump is scheduled to discuss the Xi Chin Ping at the G20 summit on June 28-29 in Japan. The summit will be attended by leaders from 19 countries and a representative of the European Union. The President of the United States said to the CNBC that he would be surprised if the Chinese president was absent. It is true that press reports have not yet been made public that Xi Chin was not going to travel to the summit.
Trump called the Chinese president an “incredible guy” in the phone interview. He explained again that his government is currently imposing a 35-40 percent safeguard on Chinese imports, but if no bilateral trade agreement is developed, then new tariffs will come.
“People are not accustomed to protective tariffs, but this is a great thing, if we look at us as a piggy bank and everybody wants our money,” said the US President. He also stressed that the threat posed by the introduction of the safeguard duties was also good for Mexico, because the Central American country, in its view, is changing its migration policy. Trump believed that this method would work for China as well. “China will enter into an agreement with us because it has to conclude an agreement,” he said.
The President also suggested in the interview that the US government could impose a protective duty on French wines because, as he said, American wine producers are victims of unfair French competition.

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