Trump would accept information from its competitors from abroad as well

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Donald Trump Accepting information that exposes his domestic political rivals, even if they were from abroad, said US President Donald Trump in an interview with ABC on Wednesday night.

Donald Trump was asked by the television reporter about the 2020 presidential campaign. The President stated that accepting information from abroad does not always mean foreign intervention in the US election process.
“This is not an intervention. They have the information and I think I would accept it,” he said. The chairman also said that, if this were the case, it would not necessarily inform the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if it were to expose its political competitors. “If I thought something was wrong, maybe I’d go with the FBI,” he added.
The journalist, George Stephanopoulos, formerly Head of Communications at President Clinton Bill, asked further questions about what his campaign team would do if he received information about his opponents from Russia or China, would accept them or would report directly to the FBI, Trump replied: ” maybe I could do both of them. He added: “If someone calls from a foreign country, say from Norway and would say that they have compromising information about my opponent, then maybe I’d say okay, I’d love to listen to them.”
The reporter recalled: Christopher Wray, director of the FBI the other day at a congressional hearing, said that such information should be immediately forwarded by the politicians to the FBI. Trump replied that the FBI director was wrong, “life doesn’t work like that.”
The President also stressed that collecting compromising information about political rivals is a regular part of the opponent’s research work, and the representatives of the current opposition are also working on it regularly.
Some Democratic politicians responded immediately to the President’s interview. Jerrold Nadler, head of the Justice Committee of the House of Representatives, named the President’s interview as “shocking” on Twitter. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, also said on Twitter, that the words of the president are “America’s worst nightmare.” Joe Biden, currently Democratic candidate candidate for aspirant candidate for microblogging, commented that Trump “is pleased to welcome foreign intervention again”. According to Biden, the President’s statements are a threat to national security.
Donald Trump’s statements were made the same day when his eldest son, Young Donald Trump, was heard in a closed session of the House of Commons Intelligence Committee on his meetings with Russians during the 2016 presidential election. In June 2016, Young Trump talked with Russian citizens in New York who offered compromising information about Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential candidate. The conversation was unsuccessful because younger Donald Trump considered the Russian offer to be false and worthless.
At the same time, the right-hand page of Breitbart News published a long article on Wednesday about the son of former vice president Joe Biden, a prospective Democratic counterpart in Trump. The article also explained in detail that Hunter Biden made a very profitable business in China in 2013. According to information from China, Hunter Biden flew to Beijing with his father’s special machine, with a $ 1.5 billion deal in the Chinese central bank. Donald Trump, in his interview with Fox Television, also referred to Chinese relations in Biden, saying he regrets that, according to Joe Biden, China is not a competitor to the United States. According to analysts, Chinese and Ukrainian business of Biden’s family is expected to be the subject of next year’s presidential campaign.

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