Toxic lakes in Spain have become a tourist magnet

Turistamágnes, mérgező, tavak, Spanyolország

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Their water is beautiful, but it is dangerous to go in. In addition, warning signs are missing from the shore.

Many of those who have been diving in the Monte Nem turquoise lakes of northwestern Spain for a good photo in recent weeks have gone wrong. They were created by a closed tungsten mine in the 1980s and their water is toxic.

Those who allow themselves to be seduced and immersed will, in the mild case, get a rash, and in the worse case, vomiting and diarrhea may end.
However, many people visit the lakes,
in fact, they are an increasingly popular topic of photography thanks to social networking sites.

Authorities haven’t even had time to put warning signs on the beach, so a local environmental group is now asking lawmakers to limit the site’s visitation, the Sun writes.

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