The fire came out at SpaceX, where the Mars-traveling star ship is being built

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There was a need to alert firefighters on Monday’s SpaceX site in Florida where, for an unknown reason, there was a fire in a container. In the facility near Cocoa, Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Vision Ship, Starship, and one of its engine test prototypes will be built. (Meanwhile, they are working on another in Boca Chica, Texas, where work was stuck at the end of January due to the stormy weather: the test was broken by the big wind.)

According to Florida pet meetings, the flames crashed around the south, and the workers in the facility were unable to curb them, and they had to call the firefighters. Yvonne Martinez, spokesman for the city of Cocoa, confirmed the news, adding that urban firefighters managed to quickly locate the fire in ten minutes, then extinguish it.

SpaceX spokesman James Gleeson said the fire was in a container. “No one is hurt, we look at the causes,” he added. Firefighters suspect that an electric fault could have caused the fire, estimated to have cost about 50-100 thousand dollars (15-30 million forints) in a container next to one building, the equipment stored in it and the building. The exact cause of the fire will be formally determined by the local fire commander.

At the request of the urban building officer, work was suspended at the site, which can only be done after the repair work has been carried out on the building.

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