New details have been given to Martin on the next Throne Fighting Series

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It has long been known that a series of antecedents is taking place in the World of Thrones, but besides the actors, they have only told the project that it will be thousands of years before the song of Fire and Ice. Most George R.R. Martin, the novel writer, snapped a few details about the new series that is already being made for Enterainment Weekly.

The interview reveals, among other things, that

Westeros will not consist of seven but small kingdoms,
Of the known families, only the Starks will pop up in the series, so there will be no Lannister, but their headquarters, Caster Hill, will be home to another family, the Caster.
There will be no (!!!) dragons, but there will be werewolves, others and mammoths too
For the time being, he has no title to the series and, in vain, wanted to call Long Night, as it was the title of the third part of the last season, forced to figure out something else.

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