Another Banksy work was discovered in Venice

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Banksy himself posted on his own Instagram, confirming that he made the mural that has been decorating the side of a Venetian house since May 10th.

The video uploaded to Instagram last week has already proved that Banksy is in town. In the film of an artist who keeps the secret of his identity, a man covering his face can be seen as he assembles an installation of nine different sized paintings in one corner of Venice.

Venice in Oil is a huge ocean liner that sails between the gondolas on the Grand Canal. Local residents and tourists stop before the composition, which, according to one, is “even more beautiful than the works seen at the Biennale”. Two police officers, in the absence of permission, finally call for the mysterious figure to leave, packing the packed canvases while hurling a hurricane passing through the background.

The appearance of the fresh Venetian graffiti is considered scandalous by some, as it “slips the city and its history”, but many more welcome the artwork and hope that it will not fail – wrote the Venezia Today news portal.

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