The Jeremy Kyle Show was finally removed from the show after the death of a character

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He has definitely ceased his most watched conversation program, and Jeremy Kyle Show has also become famous for his frequent confrontational style, after British TV has been killed by a guest on the program since the last episode.

Jeremy Kyle, the former life insurance agent, has been running the program since 2005, the purpose of which was to discuss and resolve conflicts between invitations, hostile players, and not just family members.
However, in the more than 3100 episodes that have been broadcasted so far, it was not uncommon for conflicts to become even more acute, and it was often the case that security people had to intervene to prevent crime.
The program was subject to constant criticism because of its violence, the often often stubborn style of the presenter, but the program regularly produced over 20 percent viewing rates, which could mean up to one million viewers.
The most recently enrolled, but not finally broadcast, guest, Steve Dymond, 63, tried to convince his bride, Jane Callaghant, not to cheat her. To this end, Dymond had even been subjected to a false test before the audience – but the test did not confirm him and his brother then broke up.
Steve Dymond was found dead at home last week, one week after recording.
There was no official announcement of the cause and circumstances of his death until Wednesday, but ITV announced on Monday that it would suspend Jeremy’s Kyle Show until further action.
An internal investigation was launched at the company and ITV CEO Carolyn McCall, who was the chief executive of easyJet, the UK’s largest low-cost UK airline, announced on Wednesday that the company had definitively ceased production of the Jeremy Kyle Show.
According to Carolyn McCall’s statement, the decision was motivated by “the severity of recent events”, and “the time has come” to finalize the 14-year series.
The tragic case has led to a serious uproar in Britain and, in recent days, has pushed the domestic political crisis, accompanied by the British EU membership (Brexit) process, out of the first pages of British newspapers.
The case was also addressed by Prime Minister Theresa May’s office. According to a down-to-date information from the Downing Street spokesman, the head of government is “deeply concerned” about what has happened.

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