It turned out accidentally that coffee is good for an incurable disease

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The effectiveness of two espressos per day was supported by a random test: the coffee was eliminated by the coffee with the symptoms of a rare, hereditary, incurable disease of an 11-year-old French boy.
The disease of the little boy was diagnosed a year earlier, MTI observes the Annals of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Journal. “It is so rare that we do not know how many people suffer from it, one million births may affect a baby,” said Emmanuel Flamand-Roze, a child of a child at the Pitié-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris.

There is currently no remedy for involuntary dyskinesia with unwanted movements and painful muscle cramps.

The little boy didn’t know how to ride a bicycle or walk to school, an attack could come at any time when his legs, arms and face began to twitch.

The child was prescribed coffee for the symptoms. They’ve been doing this for years, as other patients said they were very effective against muscle twitching, “the doctor explained. The Madagascar-born parents were not surprised, as the researchers said they were drinking coffee there.

At the time of the treatment, the boy was drinking a cup of espresso in the morning and evening, which quickly acted, almost immediately eliminating the involuntary movements of the muscles, the effect lasting seven hours. After a few weeks, however, the parents went back to the doctor because the symptoms returned once. They had four days to notice where they had made a mistake: they had bought caffeine-free coffee capsules, and then the child again suffered from muscle cramps. As soon as they were drinking caffeine espresso again, the symptoms disappeared.

According to Flamand-Roze, the case is “one of the unbelievable fortunate coincidences that have reappeared in the history of medicine,” and promotes scientific progress.

Parents knew that they did a double blind test. This means that neither the leader of the test nor the subject knew when the medicine was used during the trial and when the placebo without drug. By accidentally buying a caffeine-free capsule, the drug proved to be effective against the kind of dyskinesia caused by the mutation of the gene called ADCY5.

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