Venezuelan Crisis – The European Union calls for the immediate release of the Vice-President of Parliament

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The European Union (EU) calls for the immediate release of Edgar Zambrano, vice-president of the Venezuelan Parliament with opposition, and considers the competent authorities responsible for ensuring security and integrity, said in a short communication on the EU’s Foreign Service (EEAS) on Thursday.

As underlined, serious violations of Venezuela’s constitution are Zambrano’s politically motivated abduction and detention by the secret police, the purpose of which is to silence the parliament.
The EU calls on the Venezuelan leadership to fully respect the constitutional prerogatives, personal and freedoms and physical integrity of all members of Parliament, including President Juan Guaidó, he said.
Juan Guaido, who declared himself head of state in Venezuela in January, announced Wednesday that the authorities had deprived Edgar Zambrano, vice-president of the parliament with opposition majority. Zambrano on Twitter wrote that the people of the SEBIN intelligence agency surrounded his car, refused to leave, and withdrew the car to the headquarters of SEBIN. Zambrano is one of those who was accused of treason and conspiracy by the Supreme Court.
Venezuela is facing a serious economic and political crisis at the same time. The former is because Venezuela only exports petroleum derivatives and, as a result of a significant drop in oil prices a few years ago, the economy started to fall. And the domestic political crisis became more and more widespread after the country’s legislation was overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the opposition in recent elections. Subsequently, the Supreme Court, faithful to power, gradually stripped its legislature of its powers, and then, in May 2017, Nicolás Maduro established a quasi parallel parliament, the Constituent Assembly, whose election was accompanied by numerous international criticisms.
Nicolás Maduro accuses the United States of wanting to force him out of the country by using his domestic opponents.

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