Venezuelan Crisis – US Civilian Airplanes Could Not Fly Into Venezuela Under eight thousand Meters

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The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) banned all American airlines on Tuesday from flying over a certain height to the Venezuelan airspace.

Airlines cannot fly into the South American airspace at altitudes below 26,000 feet (about 8,000 meters). According to the FAA communication, the ban applies until withdrawal and not only to airlines but also to private aircraft.
At the same time, the federal authority ordered the aircraft of the current airlines in Venezuela and the private aircraft to leave the South American country within 48 hours.
The decision was justified by the authority “with increasing political uncertainties and tensions”. In March, American Airlines announced that it would suspend its flights to Venezuela for an indefinite period.
In Venezuela, as Mike Pompeo’s US Secretary of State said in his television interview on Tuesday evening, the situation is “very plastic”. There were dozens of wounded in the Caracas demonstration and a dozen people were arrested. At the air support point – where the leader of the opposition, Juan Guaido, spoke – shots were shot.
Juan Guaido’s opposition leader called for an army member to help remove President Nicolás Maduro from power, but the signs point to his call for no followers. The Venezuelan President and Vladimir Padrino Defense Minister on Tuesday evening co-appeared on most of the government-funded Telesur television and Nicolás Maduro announced that the army was still standing next to him. The president said that the coup d’état was defeated.

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