It can be dangerous for homemade cat food

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Most of the cat food recipes from online sources or from books usually do not provide the necessary nutrients for pets, and there are also some that require cat ingredients that are particularly dangerous to cats, “warns the staff of the University of California’s Davis campus (UC Davis). have made a study on the subject.

The authors of the study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, analyzed 114 recipes from veterinarians and amateurs from online sources or books intended for healthy adult cats.
40 percent of the recipes did not contain any feeding instructions, others were incomplete or confusing in this respect, writes
“Only 94 recipes provided enough information for computerized nutrient analysis and none of them contained all the essential nutrients that the National Research Council proposes for adult cats,” said Jennifer Larsen, study manager.
Although the veterinarians’ prescriptions were as incomplete as those written by non-veterinarians, they “performed better” in the field of basic nutrients.
In most of the recipes, the concentration of three or more basic nutrients was inadequate, but there was also one in which 19 essential nutrients were missing. The researchers found only five recipes, each written by a veterinarian, of which only one essential nutrient was missing.
According to experts, the damaging effects of such recipes on cat nutrition habits, diet duration, animal health and prescription deficiencies.
7 percent of the recipes prescribed ingredients such as garlic, garlic powder, red and leek, which can have a very toxic effect on the cat. In addition, some recipes also recommend raw animal products without warning of the risk of bacterial infection. Some of the recipes suggesting bone have not mentioned the importance of bones being rubbed to avoid stomach injuries.
“Homemade food is not necessarily better,” said Larsen, adding that if the cat owners are committed to a diet, make sure that it is safe and appropriate for their own animal.

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