They found a video recording of the last moments of the eight climbers’ lives that disappeared in India

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The almost two-minute video was presented by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) on Monday – says BBC News Portal.
The record shows that the four British, two Americans, an Australian and an Indian climber are slowly moving towards India’s second highest, yet anonymous, peak in the Nanda Deva peak area. The link was lost on May 26th.
Seven mountaineering bodies were found, the eighth body of the British Martin Moran was no longer sought.
The camera containing the footage was buried in the snow where the bodies appeared in June.
According to Vivek Kumar Pandey, a spokesman for ITBP, a snowball probably slipped under the weight of the group and launched an avalanche.
Recording is now used to analyze what “slipped off in their mission”.
“The GoPro video gives you an insight into the last moments of climbers, similar to the black box on aircraft,” said A.P.S. Nambadia is Deputy Chief of ITBP.
The British climbing team, led by Martin Moran, set off in mid-May to an unrivaled anonymous peak in Nanda Devi, North India.
The disappearance of the eight-member team was announced on May 31, after the climbers did not return to the base camp. According to Moran Mountain, the expedition, the mountaineers were crossed by a “huge avalanche”.
The ITBP’s men started walking in mid-June to find the corpses. The seven dead bodies climbed together with the climbing rope appeared on a steep slope, but the eighth victim was not found. According to the authorities, he could have crashed into a cleft when the avalanche dropped the team.

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