Picasso portraits of world-renowned photographers featured in the artist’s name Barcelona Museum

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Picasso portraits of world-renowned photographers are exhibited at the exhibition of the artist’s name in Barcelona on Friday.

Picasso, the gaze of the photographer, features works by photographers such as Brassai, Robert Capa, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, René Douglas Duncan, Herbert List, Man Ray, Arnold Newman and Edward Quinn.
Another interesting feature of the exhibition is that in the collection of about one hundred pieces, photographs of themselves, made by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), were placed.
Curator Violeta Andrés explained at the press conference presenting the exhibition that the basic idea was to show that the artist with the unique talent was also an icon of photography.
The Malaga-born creator was not only extremely photogenic, but he was fully aware of it, and even played with this capability, he said, stressing that Picasso was among the first to recognize the power of the photograph, dominated his image accordingly, and consciously directed it.
Andrés also argues that this theory is supported by the fact that while dozens of photographers could inherit it at home or in the studio, it was only given to a few to not be posing, but to really see and work spontaneously.
His “chosen” partner was Dora Maar, who made a series of photos of Picasso in his 1937 workshop in Paris, where he worked on one of his most famous and shocking works in Guernica. Now in Barcelona, ​​some of them can be seen, ”he added.
On display at the end of September, there were drawings, paintings, sculptures that appear on the photos. Among them there are some works that have not been shown to the public so far.
The poster of the exhibition was the portrait of the famous French photographer Robert Doisneau, made in 1952, entitled “Hand lines: Pablo Picasso in Vallauris.”
The photo shows Pablo Picasso from the front with two palms of his hand on a glass of a window. This was the first picture that the artist has seen in a blue-and-white striped sweater that has become a trademark ever since.
The Picasso Museum in Paris, which holds approximately 18,000 photographs of the Picasso estate, contributed to the exhibition.

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